• marrs preschool bee

  • Its your first time ... All the very best!

    # 1 workbook for MaRRS Pre School Bee topic of 'your' interest.

    This is for all children who are appearing for the school level of Junior KG and Senior KG, of MaRRS Pre School Bee competition exam.

    The workbook will reach you free from us.
    The mode of sending to you and the format of the workbook will be decided solely by us.
    We will try to reach it to you at the earliest.

    Workbook and topic will be from our current collection "only". No other requests will be
    entertained. Does not apply to complete 'Study Set'. You have to let us know the topic by writing to us at spelling.india@gmail.com

    No other means of communication will be accepted / responded.

    Attach 'proof' of your appearing for the school level competition, from the organisers of the competition (only).
    Also share your contact details, and your school name.

    We may ask few queries, only if necessary.

    For the sake of transparency, we will share "here" the following (only) about the student
    whom we give these workbooks.

    * Name of child * Name of School * Name of City / State * Category

    Same child cannot send request more than once.

    Due to reasons deemed fit by us, we at our sole discretion, may regret a request. The same
    will be final.

    This initiative is valid for a limited period only.

    For any query / clarification, do let us know at phonicsindia@gmail.com